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The main event space at the Peoples Hearing on Racism and Police Violence will be used for facilitated testimony, with designated speakers. Their testimony will be open to the public. Additionally, there will be breakout rooms where community members will have space to give their (your!) own testimony about your own experiences with and around police violence and racism. We strongly encourage community members to bring this testimony in order to enrich the event and be as relevant to the community  as possible. These testimonies will be documented thoroughly, and no one’s testimony will be  held at higher value than others’.


Please get in touch with us if you  are able to do outreach! We can always be contacted at For now, please give show this website to folks, and pass on the facebook event info!

Media Work

It is important that as many people know about the event as possible! If you produce media or have media contacts, please let us know via our email address:


A lot of work is going into this event, and there are a range of pricey elements, from food to airplane tickets. All donations are a wonderful help and very much appreciated! For now our email is the best way to get in touch with us about making donations:

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