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Stop “S-CONN”

May 19, 2011

On Monday, April 25, day laborer and migrant organizations in San Francisco protested the attacks on immigrants under the S-COMM program. They demanded that the program, which has eliminated safe environments and Sanctuary Cities, be changed so that local cities can opt-out of the mandatory program.
BACKGROUND: Begun in 2009, “S-Comm” (short for “secure communities”, a term designed to blame the deteriorating quality of life in the US not on the crisis of the manic-driven corporate profit system, but on the migrants struggling for survival) is a federal program which makes it mandatory for local police to investigate the immigration status of every individual being arrested or questioned, citizen or non-citizen, and allow ICE officials to detain and deport undocumented individuals – without the basic right to a day in court. While S-Comm’s stated mission is to target serious offenses, ICE’s own data shows about four out of five people deported under S-Comm had no convictions or were accused only of minor offenses. Migrant residents who are victims or witnesses to a crime fear cooperating with police, since any contact with law enforcement can result in separation from their families and deportation.

Migrants directly affected and attacked by S-COMM spoke out at this protest. Also, Dee Allen of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade, read an excerpt from his poem “Migrant.”

Stop “S-CONN” from collision course video on Vimeo.

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