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The People’s Hearing is Tomorrow!

February 18, 2011

We’re counting down for the event, and making sure that everything comes together smoothly. It should be a great weekend, and here’s some things to know:

  • Free food (coffee, tea, breakfast and lunch)! There will also be low cost lunch options from a local taqueria.
  • Free childcare!
  • Hay traducción de Inglés al Español simultánea durante toda la conferencia (simultaneous translation from English to Spanish)
  • Free & confidential mental health support
  • Lots of great community-based organizations will be tabling
  • There WILL be space provided for YOUR experiences/testimony to be recorded (which will be included in our report to the United Nations)
  • All testimony will be recorded on video and transcribed into a formal report, which will be used to put pressure both locally and internationally on mechanisms of police violence and racism

Also, this is important to note: outside video and audio recording as well as photos are not going to be allowed for the safety of people’s testimony (which also means making people feel safe in the context of telling their stories). After the people’s hearing is over, the single authorized archive (audio and video) of the event will be vetted and edited for any existing or potential legal problems, and then released for wide availability as quickly as possible.  Multiple documentations would prevent this process, so we are not permitting other recordings at the event.

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